Built In Queensland Australia  Phone  0439778021

email..      jimboc44@hotmail.com

Total lenght 4.2 m

Cabin Height  External         Weekender,  Traveller          4 `  (1220  mm )

Cabin Length  External         Weekender, Traveller          8 `  (2440 mm)

Sleeping area                          4` Body   1870 x 1190    

                                                  5` Body   1870 x 1480

 Aprox Dry Weights             Weekender    Aprox 375 kg   Tow ball      45 kg

                                                 Traveller        Apox 450 Kg    Tow Ball     58 kg

Wheels 185 x 14 x 8 ply  Light Truck Radials on Sun Rasier Rims

Clad in Colour Bonded Light Aluminum Composite panels on a strong GALVANIZED AUSTRALIAN  steel chassis,

CUZTOM  SPACE PODS  are built to last and give you years of pleasure on the road.... where ever your dreams may take you.

                                            Cuztom Trailers  Qld Australia 

                                               Jim Cooper  0439778021

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READY....Where Ever You Want To Go

Space Pod "Weekender"   4 ` Body   $8,595   or   5 ` $8,995


Perfect for those quick getaways

Please note:

Due to unreliability issues we no longer Supply Refrigerators as an Upgrade  but we will fit yours free of charge.

We no longer use or recommend products supplied by OZPLAZA LIVING.

*  Please note...Photos are for demonstration purposes only.  Not all inclusions shown are standard.

  Prices may fluctuate without notice due to market changes over which we have no control..

Standard Specifications     For Both

"Weekender    &   "Traveller" 

                           Space Pod "Traveller"   Available In 2 Body Sizes    

                        4` Wide $10 ,99 7                        5 ` Wide $12,597 


but Orders for 2021 are now

Due to the Covid- 19 epidemic, some materials are in short supply and price increases are being expierenced world wide.

Whilst we try to maintain the lowest possible pricing, the current listed prices will  apply from August 1st  2020.

We will continue to build you the best value for money camper in Australia

    "Traveller" Available Upgrades

Independant Tourque Suspension  $588

Off Rd Version                                      $665

( Off Rd Version has Check Plate Guard Protectors, Heavy Duty Tow Bar, Jerry Can Holder, Heavy Duty Springs, Higher Ground Clearance )  

Timber Kitchen & internal cupoards  $295

Additional 100 AH Battery                  $265
Jerry Can Holder                                   $  77

 2nd Wind out Side window                $377           
Wind Out Front  Window                    $456

Folding Rear Work  Bench                   $ 65

2nd 100 AH Deep Cycle Battery          $295

" Weekender" Available Upgrades

Independant Tourque Suspension                  $588

Off Rd Version                                                $395     (without 12v power... Power Options listed below)

8 X 6 Awning                                                   $185 

 Front Wind Out Window                             $456

Spare Wheel                                                   $165     

Second  Door                                                 $695

Foam Mattress                                               $175  4`  or  $198  5`

Water Tank &  Hand Pump                          $188

Single Burner Stove                                            $35

Fold Down Side Table                                         $55

12 V Power 

Mini System                                            $48‚Äč5      with 20 watt Solar Panel, 12 AH Deep Cycle Battery and LED Light s + 1 x 12v Outlet Socket

1 x USB Outlet

Full System                                                $755      with 120 watt Solar panel 100 AH Deep Cycle Battery, L E D Lighting  + 2 x 12 v Outlet sockets & 1 USB Outlet

   "Traveller" Inclusions  in 4 ` or  5 `Wide Cabin

 2 Doors with Windows & and Fly screen      
240 Volt power board in the kitchen             Fly Screens on all windows                    Curtains On Front Window & Doors              Wind Out Off Side Window
Generous Internal storage unit                       120 Watt Solar Panel & Controller
12 Volt outlet with USB Charger                    100 AH Deep Cycle Battery
18 L.E.D Lights in Cabin and Kitchen              Large Front Tool Box
L.E.D Tail Lights                                          Spare Wheel 

Rear Bumper Bar                                          Fire Extinguisher
8 ply  Radial Tyres on Sun Raiser Rims          External Lights Both Side

Kitchen Storage Units                                  59 liter Water Tank                                Foam Mattress                                            Gas Stove ( Canister Style)
Hand Water Pump                                     Rear Door Gas Struts  

Side Picnic Table                                         8 x 6 Awning                





"Weekender" Inclusions.

Overall Cabin Size   4` wide  x 4` High x 8 ` Long

Window with Fly screen in the Cabin Door

Wind Out Widow on Off Side

Fly Screens on Both Windows

Adjustable 14" Roof Vent

Generous Internal Storage

Kitchen Storage Units

Lift Out Kitchen Sink

Cabin & Kitchen Lighting

Front Tool Box

Swing Away Jockey Wheel

External Power Inlet Socket

Internal 240 Power Boards

LED Tail Lights

Bumper Bar

14" Sun Rasier Wheels with Light Truck Tyres

Rear Door Gas Struts

Fire Extinguisher

NOTE Weekender does NOT have hard wired lighting, 12 volt or USB outlets as standard BUT  this option can be added OR comes included with either solar system

Weekender has LED lighting powered by disposable batteries in the cabin and in the kitchen